Repent. Repair. Release.

It is sad and comical how we try to escape our problems. Sad because we blame to avoid responsibility and comical because humans never change. The first man, Adam, blamed God and his wife for his mistake. (Genesis 1-3), “It’s your fault you gave me the woman and her fault she gave me the fruit.” (paraphrase mine).

Ask anyone, “Do your actions create outcomes in your life”. Most people would say yes, of course. But our daily lives and reactions to problems often paint a different picture. Many times we find ourselves lacking personal accountability. Accountability can’t be installed like software or given like a vitamin. It’s a journey, and often a rocky one. It takes discipline and work to develop an attitude of accountability. But the rewards far outweigh the cost. I believe it is one of the cornerstones to a successful, happy, and fulfilled life. When I stray from the path, catch myself thinking like a victim or blaming someone else, I try to do three things as quickly as possible. Give them a try. They just might work for you too.

Stop dead in your tracks and turn away from an action or way of thinking. Real life-altering change always starts with repentance.

Wrong actions have consequences. Pay the piper, face up to whatever is wrong and make it right. No matter the cost, face it and fix it.

This could be the hardest of the three. Once you repent and repair, the only way forward is to forgive. Release yourself and move on.

Keep pressing toward the mark.
-T. Trucks

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