A Better Way

There is always a BETTER WAY. Ask anyone at Sign Master, and they will tell you that I am deeply committed to Continuous Improvement. It’s one of our core values, and I preach it to our team almost every day. I truly believe that there is a better version of every process, every product, and everything – including myself and every other person on the planet. I also believe that moving toward that “better version” is both noble and honorable.

But, there is a problem with a mindset of improvement. It often turns curiosity into criticism. When improvement becomes critical, it stops being fun. People stop learning and growing and become burdened with an “it’s never enough” and “I can’t do anything right” attitude.

And herein lies the problem of continuous improvement. How do you tell someone “there is a better way” without telling them “you are doing it wrong”? This is not an easy thing to do. In the last verse of 1 Corinthians 12, Paul says, “…and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.” And in chapter 13, he gives us the answer.

Paul simply called it CHARITY. I’ve heard it defined in many ways; love with feet, love in action, grace on wheels, brotherly love, and even the love of God.

Biblical charity ends criticism and opens the door to a better way.

The more I strive for excellence and envision what might be, the more apparent the widening gap between myself and perfection becomes. I am so thankful that God’s grace has paved the way and bridged that gap for all mankind.

Keep pressing toward the mark.

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