Successful People

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.

-Warren Buffett

The F-Bomb

FEAR has to be the most over used excuse of all time. I’m not talking about eminent danger fear; I’m talking about the fear we experience most in our daily lives. The fear that when faced… vanishes into thin air and then shows up the next day wearing a different mask. Conquering this elusive beast is not easy, but the odds may be stacked in our favor.

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Sand In Your Box

I was having a debate with my 13 year old son this morning about the importance of school. Of course, he doesn’t want to go because it is stupid and a waste of his valuable time. “How is this going to help me in my future?” he asked. My reply, “Learning is like putting sand in your box. If you want to build a sand castle, you must first have the sand. If you refuse to learn, you cannot build anything.”

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12 Percent Upgrade

Everybody has them; everybody needs them; few take the time and effort to analyze and modify them. They help us make mundane, repetitive, and complex decisions with speed and accuracy. You guessed it – I’m talking about habits. Many of our habits are helpful but some of them can really hurt us when the’re out of alignment with who we want to be. Let’s look at how they are formed and how to improve them.

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I can, I cannot

It takes a driven individual with an almost unimaginable amount of grit and determination to start and run a small business. I CAN and I WILL is our mantra. However, 100+ hour work weeks, miss-hires, and loads of stress can turn your “I CAN” into “I CANNOT do this any more”! If you have reached this point or see it coming over the horizon, do what Jocko Willink suggests in his book Extreme Ownership – relax, look around, and make a call.

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Buying Luck

I vividly remember an aged piece of copy paper hanging on the dull beige block wall in the boys locker room. The large thick block letters read “LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity”. Sports are an excellent teacher of teamwork and in many ways a metaphor for life in general. I learned a lot playing high school basketball, but the thing I remember most often is the block letters on that ratty piece of paper.

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