Sand In Your Box

I was having a debate with my 13 year old son this morning about the importance of school. Of course, he doesn’t want to go because it is stupid and a waste of his valuable time. “How is this going to help me in my future?” he asked. My reply, “Learning is like putting sand in your box. If you want to build a sand castle, you must first have the sand. If you refuse to learn, you cannot build anything.”

Learning is the cornerstone of my Core Value #3 : Continuous Improvement. I have a deep held belief that it is an honor, and also my duty, to maximize the grace that has been given to me. I work to put sand in my box every day. So, when I am called on to build or to give an account, I will not be weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Growth demands a temporary surrender of security .

Gail Sheehy

I love this quote by Gail Sheehy, “Growth demands a temporary surrender of security”. We have opportunities for growth every day. Seize them! Don’t sit on the sidelines. Count the costs and then move with conviction toward growth.

Keep pressing toward the mark.
– T. Trucks

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