Lunch Circus

I was having lunch yesterday with my wife, my oldest daughter Taylor and her “circus of littles”. We were all having a blast — making fart noises, food was everywhere, and Kohen blew the most epic snot bubble of all time. Despite my secret plan to get kicked out of Chicken Salad Chick, we didn’t even get the attention of a manager.😉 But, Oh my! What a lunch!

Midway through lunch, things had calmed down a bit, I leaned over and asked Taylor… “How are you doing?” (I know when lunch is over, I go back to work but the circus goes with her… and stays with her 24-7) Her response was simple, full of grace and wisdom. “I’m good. It will only be like this for a couple of years, and I can do anything for a little while.”

I could go on and on about perspective, gratitude, faith, perseverance, adversity, etc… but I won’t. Let me leave you with this.

You can do anything for a little while.

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