How do you see?

Half-full, half-empty, or just a glass with water in it? Maybe better to ask, where did the glass come from and who poured the water?

  • Half-full runs off a cliff at full speed thinking everything is going to be great.
  • Half-empty hides in a cave, paralyzed by fear, missing countless opportunities.
  • Just a glass with water becomes cynical and apathetic.

Life has a way of bending our sight. I know, a bunch of losses can sometimes put you in the cave with a half-empty glass. No matter which side of the coin you are on today, always ask questions and search for understanding. These words come to mind…

  • Ask and ye shall receive.
  • Knock and it shall be opened.
  • Ye have not because ye ask not.
  • Buy the truth and sell it not.
  • With all thy getting, get understanding.

The way I see it… It’s not what you see, It’s how you see.


Keep pressing toward the mark.
– T. Trucks

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