Face in a Jar

Eleanor Rigby, wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door – who is it for? I love this old Beatles tune 🙂   We have all been tempted at some point to wear a mask to fit in, achieve a goal, or maybe avoid rejection. Don’t do it.

The “face in a jar” can show up in our business as well as in our personal life. Under-promise and over-deliver, over-promise and then stay stressed out until the work is done or crash and burn. Let’s project a clear image of who we are and what we offer – not one from a jar.

Bottom line – it’s a miracle you are here!

The probability of you being born is well over 400 trillion to one. This article claims it could be as high as one in 102,685,000. Bottom line – it’s a miracle that you are here! You have something that this world desperately needs. Please don’t hide or disguise it. My hope and prayer is that you will always be who you are… ORIGINAL. I implore you, find comfort in who you are, shed the mask, and walk in truth.


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