Would you give that to your mother?

I love processes and perfection. I believe that a well designed and well made product really touch people on a higher level; things like Google’s Gmail, Apple’s iPhone, Tesla’s Model S, the Golden Gate Bridge, 2-son’s Farm Tables, and Mrs. Deneve’s chocolate pound cake. On the surface all these things might look very dissimilar but there is a thread that runs through them all… EXCELLENCE!

We are consistently looking for new processes, equipment, and technology to help the people at SignMaster.com reach our partners on that level. If we have a question about quality in print production, finishing, or packaging; it is usually answered by asking one question, “Would you give that to your mother?”

That one question, for most people, will change their focus from the monotony of production back to what really matters, the customer. When we do our work with a person in mind, not the product or the payout, we will achieve excellence.


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