Don’t Believe Me

“You don’t have to believe what I am saying, you just have to believe that I believe what I am saying”. I heard this quote by Ed Mylett while watching an interview and it hit a nerve. It articulated a feeling that I have from time to time while listening to people.

The world wide web is a fabulous place to share information, gain insight and see new ideas. We must be careful not to become so bloated on others thoughts and beliefs that we regurgitate that info to our friends and associates before we have had a chance to digest it.

My good friend John told me, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” This is so true and runs in the same vein “people won’t believe you until you believe you.” You know in your gut if a guy does not buy what he is selling. Lets all do our best to speak the truth.

Yes, I have been and will be guilty of information regurgitation. If I speak the truth in love, soak it up – if not, Don’t believe me 🙂

T. Trucks

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