Vision Is Obligation

I came across an interesting thought from Seth Godin while reading the book Tribes. “Opportunity is not opportunity… it’s an obligation” (my paraphrase).

I believe that each of us has a contribution to make to the world or in the words of Master Yoda… a destiny. Each and every one of us see things a little different, we each have a vision of the world from our own unique perspective. It is our obligation to give that vision to the world!

The result of hiding your vision is not good for you or the world. We all might say that our little part is not significant, it does not really matter. NOT SO! Ever hear of the butterfly effect? (Google it 🙂 ) Scripture paints a dire image of that type of thinking.

Where there is no vision the people perish: Prov 29:18

  • It’s my obligation to share my vision
  • It’s my obligation to lead
  • It’s my obligation to show up every day
  • It’s my obligation to give
  • It’s my obligation to help

Please don’t hide your vision from us, we need it.

Press toward the mark!
T. Trucks

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