The Success Cycle

I often use the phrase, “Spin Up”. It’s just a loose way of saying, get better over time. This morning, while reading Nehemiah 1-2, a process for the phrase became clear. You could call it The Success Cycle.

1. Need
This is the starting point and the inflection point for the success cycle. When you first start, you see there is a lack of understanding or ability within yourself. Later the need is exposed by action and adversity. Either way, it’s up to you to see it and then take the next step.

2. Preparation
School, apprenticeship, mentors, reading, and learning. Preparation can take place in a classroom, pasture, factory, or kitchen table. Build a solid foundation that will not crumble under the weight of what is coming. Beware that you don’t get stuck here. There are many would-be success stories that find comfort in preparation and turn it into procrastination.

3. Opportunity
Your preparation has sharpened your vision and you can see the possibilities. Choose and take the next step.

4. Action
I have always said, there is real magic in action. Action is the separator between success and failure. Face the fear and seize the opportunity. Remember, regret is the only failure that cannot be overcome.

5. Adversity
If you are in the game, seizing opportunities and acting on them, you will run up against adversity. Whether procedural or personal, adversity will expose your weakness and need. Embrace adversity because it will show you where to start your next cycle.

Now, the next time I say “Spin Up”, we will both know exactly what I’m talking about. 🙂

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