The Last Time

While we were eating at the Mexican restaurant, I leaned over and asked my sister how she was taking all this in. She said, “this is the last time Tiff will live at home.” My niece, Tiffany, is officially moving away from home to start a career in video and marketing. New apartment, new furniture, new job and a whole bunch of new opportunities! From the air, it’s easy to see this is just a bend in the road. From the windshield, I’m sure it looks like a dead end. 

-The last time you change a diaper.
-The last time you smoke a cigarette.
-The last time you go to school.
-The last time you are here.

-The first time you don’t smell like poop.
-The first time you are a non-smoker.
-The first time you have a career.
-The first time you are there.

Be encouraged… “THE LAST TIME” is never “THE END”.

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