Speaking negative things about ourselves gains immediate attention.

I’m not pretty…. Honey, yes you are!
I never win… Sure you can keep trying!
I’m so fat… Come on man, you are just big.
I’ll never find a good job… Sure you can.
I’m always broke… I’m sorry.
I’m stupid… Are you?
I can’t start a business…. Oh.
I have terrible ideas… OK

Soon people stop giving attention and all you have are your words.
THE DANGER… negative words can actually become WHO YOU ARE!

Your words are life.
Repeated words get written in the program of your subconscious.
Your subconscious mind makes tiny decisions for you all day, every day.
The compounding effect of these decisions will transform your life. (GOOD or BAD)

Your words are the arrows.
Your goals are the targets.
Your subconscious mind is the bow.

You must be intentional about what you put in your subconscious mind.
Daily affirmations and goals are a great place to start.

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