Base Hit, Better Life.

I was talking with Mark, a sales rep for one of our suppliers. He has been coming by the shop for so many years now, he is more of a friend than a salesman. We were talking about the economy, growth, new equipment, etc. and he told me his division was up over a million dollars in sales this year! He was very pleased and excited with the increase. I asked him how they did it, hoping to glean some information and ideas. His countenance changed a little from happy to calm and serious, then he said “The growth and new business we are experiencing this year is the result of 4+ years of hard work.”

Hacking is super-popular these days, and I get it, sometimes there are minor “hacks” you can implement that make a huge difference. However, it seems that most are just looking for a shortcut to real work. Mark really “gets it”, he embodies the power of delayed gratification.

There is nothing wrong with “swinging for the fences”, but real progress will happen if you get a “base hit” every day.

We often look at success as though it just shows up one day. We use phrases like “Make it Big”, “Hit the Jackpot”, and “Home Run”. All of which mask the countless hours and sometimes years of planning and hard work it takes to succeed. Winners and high achievers are relentless in the pursuit of their goals. When this determination and work starts to pay off, I see two different reactions from the crowd. Some people will genuinely applaud the sacrifice, effort and dedication. Others make weak jealous comments like; “I could win the championship if I was that tall”, “I could start a business if I had that kind of money”, “I could win that case if I had gone to Harvard”. Never take a weak, defeated, victim attitude. Always applaud excellence and hard work.

There is nothing wrong with “swinging for the fences” from time to time, but real progress will happen if you get a “base hit” every day. Let me encourage you to move the needle in your favor and make another step in the right direction today. Experience has taught me that anything worth having is built with effort over time. We cannot escape the law of sowing and reaping, the universe was built on it.

Keep pressing toward the mark…
-T. Trucks

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