Who can achieve YOUR GOALS?

Most of us need to have a paradigm shift from goal setting to goal getting. Pie-in-the-sky wishes and long term goals are often very difficult to translate into actionable items. Instead of asking yourself, “How do I achieve my long term goals?” ask yourself, “What type of person could achieve my goals?

I know that long term goals are good and necessary, but I also know how easy it is to loose track of what I should be doing today. Simply ask yourself, “Would the person I want to be – do the thing I’m about to do?” The more times that question alters your actions, the faster you will become the person that achieves your goals.

James Clear has written an excellent, practical guide to help you become the person that achieves YOUR GOALS. Atomic Habits is a must read for anyone serious about GOAL GETTING!

Keep pressing toward the mark.
– T. Trucks

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