One thing you can do to “Level-Up”

Since grade-school, I’ve heard this repeated over and over again, “You’re not good at this, you need to work hard and get better.” This might be the wrong way to think. Let me explain.

I believe everyone should strive and work hard to be better than they were yesterday. I think it was from Tony Robbins where I first heard the idea of 1%. If you try to instantly transform your life or your business, well… odds are you will fail. But ask yourself, can I be 1% better tomorrow? The answer is YES! Now string a few of those days together, better than that, string a year of those days together. See what happens? Even if you fail 2/3 of the time, you will be over 100% better after a year of 1% change.

To get the most out of your effort, focus your 1% on the right things. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, double down on your strengths. The most energy, pleasure, and profit come from working on your strengths. Spend your precious time and effort in those areas and, as my son would say, “Level-Up”.

Keep pressing toward the mark.
– T. Trucks

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