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Dreams of a better day, dreams of more money, more happiness, closer relationships, bigger house, smaller house, better health, less debt, just fill in the blank _______ with yours. Everyone has dreams… So what? Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a few of those dreams come to pass? Lets look at a simple method to get on track with making a plan, taking some action and moving some dreams into reality.

Set a Goal

Write it down. I used to think it was necessary to set a huge goal but now I think it is more vital to just write one down. Set a massive goal or a little one, just take the first step to write it down.


The Ingredients

  1. People
  2. Time
  3. Money
  4. Information

The way I see it, you need four things to make any goal a reality. I know, each of these is related to the other ex. If you need more time often you can use money to pay people to accomplish work and literally buy time. Time is by far the most valuable of the ingredients, no matter what you do, eventually it runs out. Just keep in mind you can trade one ingredient for another but time is your limit.


The Method

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Log the Answers
  3. Repeat

Sometimes the most simple things are the most powerful. This is a very simple process, just start at the end (The Goal) and step backward. It’s just like building a bridge from where you want to go back to where you are. Once you know where you are and where you want to go just start asking questions based on the ingredients. What person would I need to contact? How long will it take? How much Money? What information do I need?

Then write down those answers as sub-goals, if you will, under the GOAL. Then ask the same questions again for each of the sub-goals…log the answers…repeat. Soon enough you will start to see the bridge come into focus from right where you are standing.


The Magic

  1. Action
  2. Action
  3. Action

Not kidding here… once you have taken your sub-goals down to actionable items…fill your calendar every day with those actions. Be absolutely fanatical about taking action. Even if you don’t really know how to do the action…START…and figure it out on-the-fly. Action is magic! Consistent action works like an axe to a tree…enough strikes and that baby is coming down. Believe me when I say “you plan your goals for direction, but action will change your life”.


The book of Proverbs says, a just man falls seven times and rises again. Without turning this last paragraph into a sermon… seven is the number of completion in the Bible… so basically this means that a just man will get back up and go no matter how many times he falls. I’m saying all that to say this…you may not succeed immediately, as a matter of fact, if you set your goals BIG you will not succeed immediately. Just remember to stay motivated and continue to take action. When you fall get back up again…stay focused and you will see that GOAL come into view.


Keep pressing toward the mark

T. Trucks


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