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Ever had someone compliment you on your business or something you are passionately involved in? Yesterday, one of our customers handed me a compliment that really says it all. “Your unbelievable production speed and customer service actually makes me want to do the same for my customers.”  My head swelled and my chest puffed. I was almost ready to say thank you, then it hit me. I have not completed a single order nor talked to this particular customer on the phone in recent memory. My reply…”It’s not me; It’s the freakishly awesome people that work here.”

You are the people you run with. You can’t soar like an eagle if you hang with a bunch of turkeys. You know all the catch phrases. Bottom line, show me your five closest friends and I can predict with a high degree of accuracy your attitude, outlook, spirituality, relationships, and bank account. Choose your friends and work environment wisely!

I am blessed to work with some of the finest human beings on the planet.

-T. Trucks

Stack Gratitude

Ever heard the quote ‘Win the morning – Win the day’? I believe it is vital to have an excellent morning routine, but I also believe you don’t automatically get to chalk up a win for the day because you nailed your morning. I say, start out on the right foot and then walk in gratitude. Continue reading “Stack Gratitude”

Another Chance?

A few weeks ago, I had some siding work done on my house. I asked Chip, the contractor, “How are you doing?” His reply was, “Well, I woke up this morning… so, I get another chance.” Those four words, I Get Another Chance, have been stuck in my mind and heart ever since. Chip chose to face his day, his problems, and his work with anticipation instead of apprehension and dread.

God help me seize this chance.

That encounter with Chip and those four words have changed my life. Unless I died yesterday, I get another chance!

-T. Trucks

Goal • Plan • Action

Dreams of a better day, dreams of more money, more happiness, closer relationships, bigger house, smaller house, better health, less debt, just fill in the blank _______ with yours. Everyone has dreams… So what? Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a few of those dreams come to pass? Lets look at a simple method to get on track with making a plan, taking some action and moving some dreams into reality.

Continue reading “Goal • Plan • Action”

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