Another Chance?

A few weeks ago, I had some siding work done on my house. I asked Chip, the contractor, “How are you doing?” His reply was, “Well, I woke up this morning… so, I get another chance.” Those four words, I Get Another Chance, have been stuck in my mind and heart ever since. Chip chose to face his day, his problems, and his work with anticipation instead of apprehension and dread.

God help me seize this chance.

That encounter with Chip and those four words have changed my life. Unless I died yesterday, I get another chance!

-T. Trucks

Goal • Plan • Action

Dreams of a better day, dreams of more money, more happiness, closer relationships, bigger house, smaller house, better health, less debt, just fill in the blank _______ with yours. Everyone has dreams… So what? Well, wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a few of those dreams come to pass? Lets look at a simple method to get on track with making a plan, taking some action and moving some dreams into reality.

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3 Boss Business Rules


Starting and running a business is one of the most exciting things you can do on this planet. Every day you have to get the creative juices flowing to solve all kinds of problems generated by customer requests. But after the problem is solved, and the customer is happy, and the excitement of accomplishment has subsided, you still have a business to run. Continue reading “3 Boss Business Rules”

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