Buying Luck

I vividly remember an aged piece of copy paper hanging on the dull beige block wall in the boys locker room. The large thick block letters read “LUCK is when preparation meets opportunity”. Sports are an excellent teacher of teamwork and in many ways a metaphor for life in general. I learned a lot playing high school basketball, but the thing I remember most often is the block letters on that ratty piece of paper.

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You have to work long, hard, and smart.

If you leave anything on the table, someone else will do it… and when you collide they will win.

#TomBilyeu #HardWork

Show Up.
Work Hard.

These are the minimum requirements to be average.

#Relentless #TimGrover #YouCanDoMore

Check Your Mindset

Fixed Mindset: I don’t get paid enough.
Growth Mindset: What can I do to earn more?

There is always another step, another wall, and a new path. We never have to settle for the way things are. Choose to grow!

I’m not finished with Mindset by Carol Dweck and I can already recommend it!

Keep pressing toward the mark,
-T. Trucks

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