Don’t share your problems with people, 90% don’t care and the other 10% are glad you have them. – Lou Holtz

I have no idea when Lou Holtz coined this phrase. Maybe he was motivating his team for a championship game or maybe he used it to make a point in a keynote speech. Either way, it’s all over the internet, it’s cynical and it’s pretty clever.

Most of us are starring in our own hit movie “The Life and Times of ME”. And now, with social media, we can stream bite size chunks of “My Wonderful Life” to the masses. Maybe someone wants to know what I had for breakfast? NOT! But wait, we are social animals right? Yep, but not social media animals.

A good friend of mine told me “You are lucky to have a handful of friends in your life.” At the time, I thought it a bit over-the-top, but the longer I live the more true it becomes. His statement ties in with Galatians 6 where Paul says to “bear ye one another’s burdens” then a few verses later “every man must bear his own burden”. Lou had it backwards, 90% of our problems are not even real and you can work them out on your own. But the other 10% can take you down if you don’t have a trusted friend to share them with.

You are blessed to have a handful of real friends.

Cherish those relationships.

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