Breakthroughs often happen when we take something and use it for a different purpose. Thanks to the internet and social media this type of experimentation is happening at an accelerating pace… ever heard of “pallet furniture”? (look it up)

We have become masters at repurposing things but have you ever thought about repurposing circumstances? How about problems? Sickness? Injury? Anxiety?

I was blessed to sit down with my friend and pastor, Ken Stodola, and shoot an interview on the topic of Shamgar. One of the main points of our discussion was to “use what you have”. To put it another way, Ryan Holiday quotes actress Kate Winslet asking this question, “What can I get for free?” Instead of saying “I can’t because…” she asks “What can I do because…?”

Take a few minutes and ask yourself, “What do I have?” and “What can I get for free?”

Your circumstances are free.
Your problems are free.
Your injury is free.
Your anxiety is free.

Use what you already have.

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